the strokes / first impressions of earth

01 you only live once
02 juicebox
03 heart in a cage
04 razorblade
05 on the other side
06 vision of division
07 ask me anything
08 electricityscape
09 killing lies
10 fear of sleep
11 15 minutes
12 ize of the world
13 evening sun
14 red light

download : the strokes / first impressions of earth


Blogger sergei macaroff said...

ha, lapkove ke stahnuti...

10:04 odp.  
Anonymous Anonymní said...

OSA te vidí..)

7:47 odp.  
Anonymous Anonymní said...

a. eliott smith je úžasnej a perfektní. stejně tak bright eyes. dík.

12:05 dop.  
Blogger Otakar Wolph said...

zklamani ale musim rict :( . Tenhle rok me fakt nic z novejch veci nijak nenatchlo.

2:07 dop.  
Blogger Nat said...

if you want to buy the album...

Insound.com has The Strokes’ upcoming album "First Impressions of Earth" available for pre-orders. You get a free “Juice Box” 7-inch single with all pre-orders, and plus you can use the coupon code "earth15" to save 15% on your order. Here's the link to The Strokes pre-order: http://www.insound.com/noteworthy/promo.php?p=530&from=70207

5:03 odp.  
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